Montana Board of Pardons and Parole

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Welcome to the Board of Pardons and Parole website. This site is designed to provide valuable, easy-to-use information and to answer common questions about the Board and the critical work it does.

The Board’s primary responsibility in making decisions about parole and executive clemency is public safety. Montana law states that the board may release any person committed to prison when the Board believes:

  • the person is able and willing to fulfill the obligations of a law-abiding citizen and
  • the inmate can be released without detriment to the inmate or to the community.

Parole and executive clemency are privileges, not rights, earned by inmates convicted of felony crimes. As part of the criminal justice system, the Board is doing its part by following the appropriate laws, releasing deserving offenders to community placements, and keeping undeserving or dangerous inmates in prison. The Board also promptly returns to custody offenders who prove to be unwilling to abide by the conditions of their release.

Parole Board Members

Parole Board Members
Name Appointed Expires
Annette Carter - Chair 7/1/2017 1/1/2021
Renee Bauer 8/14/2017 1/1/2021
Kristina Lucero 8/14/2017 1/1/2025
Darrell Bell 10/1/2017 1/1/2025
Brad Newman 7/16/2018 1/1/2023

Board Staff

The Board has four staff:

  • Tawny Rogers, Victim Liaison
  • Cathy Leaver, Administrative Specialist
  • Erin Good, Administrative Specialist
  • Terri Hanley, Administrative Assistant


The Montana Board of Pardons and Parole has been accredited every three years by the American Correctional Association since 2001. The most recent accreditation report is available online.

Contact the Board

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to write, email or phone the Board’s office.